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997. helyezett (TOP 85%) a Youtube csatorna feliratkozók száma alapján.

546. helyen rangsorolt az egy videóra kapott lájkok száma alapján.

757. helyen rangsorolt (TOP 64%) a videók össznézettsége alapján.

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KiSTeHéN -- Dr DooAlot The punk intellectual who talks to the animals Farmyard punk singer Lazlo, and his band Kistehén is a 100% European original -- from his base at his own zoo outside Budapest, he has grafted a career as one of Europe's most successful rock singers with a wicked style in biting, anthemic lyrics. There is a good reason why most big European singers don't export well to the UK: we Brits don't do foreign languages, and when they try to version their songs in English to please us, it never adds up -- sounding more like a dodgy voiceover on cable TV than a serious artist with something to say. And Lazlo clearly has something to say: "Venus" tackles homophobia in a startlingly fresh way; "I'm The Man" throws you into the heaviest of binges with the drinking partner from hell; "A Rabbit Not A Man" is a song of pure animal lust; "I Will Eat" is as cutting a criticism of consumer culture as you could hope to hear.

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997. 2019/01/17 854
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995. 2019/01/14 854
995. 2019/01/13 854
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757. 2019/01/17 965033
756. 2019/01/16 964371
754. 2019/01/15 963757
754. 2019/01/14 962913
754. 2019/01/13 961922

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